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A Quick Overview of Grain-Free and Gluten-Free Flours

New to Gluten-free or Grain-free living? If you are looking for recipes online you will find a long list of alternative ingredients to help you ...
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The Joy of Cooking with Coconut Sugar

After recently writing about Refined Sugar and the reasons to avoid it, I am excited to now talk about my favorite sugar alternative, Coconut Sugar.
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The Problem with Sugar – The Devil is in the Refinement

Eating too much sugar is not the problem. The average American is consuming about 150 lbs of refined sugar each year, plus an additional estimated ...
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The Meat Safety Grind – Why Grinding Your Own Meat is Better

Grinding your own beef is very simple with a food grinder. It takes only moments to complete, it allows you to choose your own cuts of meat, allows you to control how the meat is handled giving you added assurance of your food's safety.
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Are You Eating Lead? Leaded Balsamic Vinegar and More

I like my food unleaded. I was quite surprised to discover that not everything in my pantry was lead free. Thanks to a tip from a friend, I ...
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Quick Tip: How to Store Baked Goods

Here is a quick tip on the storage of your baked goods!
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Save Eggs for Months! Easy Step-by-Step Egg Preservation -

Save Eggs for Months! Easy Step-by-Step Egg Preservation

[portfolio_slideshow id=519] Buy your eggs in bulk and store them for months with this simple process. In minutes you can preserve your eggs for ...
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Humane Products

You do not have to be a Vegan to care about how animals are treated in the food industrial complex. We have all seen the videos of how animals ...
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Study Shows Purple Sweet Potatoes to be a Powerful Cancer Fighter

In addition to being a versatile culinary treat, purple sweet potatoes are excellent for your health. Extremely high in antioxidants, Vitamins A, B6 and C and a good source of potassium, copper and fiber.
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