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Whole Foods to Label All GMO Foods!

In the best bit of news I have gotten all week, grocery chain Whole Foods, Inc. will begin mandatory labeling all GMO foods!
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News: Hawaii Considering Bill to Require Mandatory Labeling of GMOs

Hawaii News Now reported today that Hawaii lawmakers are hearing a bill Monday to require labeling of GMO agricultural products in the state of ...
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Whole Foods Founder Discusses Business with Ethics in Conscious Capitalism

NPR had an interesting article today about an interview with Whole Foods founder, John Mackey, who discusses his new book venture Conscious ...
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News: Google Invests $200 million in Wind Power

Today is a great day for renewables! On the heals of California's milestone in solar energy production comes the announcement that Google is making ...
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News: California Ramping Up Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry has had a few blows in recent years, yet we are still taking steps forward. Every day it seems there is good news in ...
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News: Organic vs Conventional Farming – 30 Year Study Results

The verdict is in. After a 30 year study comparing conventional farming methods to that of organic methods finds that organic is a winner in many ...
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