Hawaii News Now reported today that Hawaii lawmakers are hearing a bill Monday to require labeling of GMO agricultural products in the state of Hawaii. After the defeat of Prop 37 in California in November, the subject of GMO labeling seems to be fresh in everyone’s mind. No word yet on the wording of the bill and if it will include all food products or just fresh agricultural products.

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As a resident of Hawaii, this particular subject is of great interest to me and I will be watching this matter very closely as it unfolds. No US states have been successful in passing a law to require labeling in the face of heavy opposition from food conglomerates who stand to lose profit from consumer awareness of the issue. If this bill is moves through to a vote and passes, Hawaii could be the first state to mandate labeling of GMOs.

The matter of what foods to consume is a very personal matter. Most people eat GMOs, some don’t, either way it is up to the individual to decide what they put in their body. Whether you are ok with GMOs or not, our food products already have mandatory labeling. We require ingredients, food content, nut disclaimers, pit disclaimers, country of origin, nutritional facts and even a break down of various fats. The argument that we do not need and would find it much more costly to also have a disclosure that a food has been altered in a lab seems an invalid one. I personally would really like have a label so that I can make informed choices for my family, whether I choose GMOs or not.

If you are unfamiliar with the issues surrounding GMOs, I would encourage you to watch the film Genetic Roulette and do some research of your own on this matter.


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