If you were going to make a major life change, what would you do?

At the age of 27 I was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease. I had always felt like I was living for “someday”. “Someday” I would be able to travel, “someday” I would have more time to pursue my art, “someday” I would be able to live life on my own terms. When confronted with the idea that I may not have a “someday”, it changed things for me.

I had spent my entire adult life working towards the American dream. I put myself through college, worked full-time while doing it, racking up student loans and debt along the way. I got a job, went to work everyday, took on side work to help pay the bills, bought a house, and did the things that I was “supposed” to do.

After my diagnosis I undid all of it. I sold off everything I owned, hopped a plane to an island that I had only visited once and remade my life. I changed everything about the way that I live, work, eat and play.

After moving to Hawai’i I underwent food sensitivity testing which started me on my journey of healing through food. Going on a diet normally feels like deprivation, but to me it was an opportunity for hope. Changing my diet gave me a sense of control over my health and body. 

This website follows my journey into living a simpler, less toxic life. I hope that my experiences can serve to empower others. 

Thank you so much for joining me along the way! Please feel free to say, “hello”.


Organically Made

About Jodi

Jodi is a writer, home chef, photographer and designer who turned her health challenges into a life win. She spends her time working towards a healthy, organic life in the native rainforest of Volcano, Hawai`i.

Certifications: Food, Nutrition and Health Certification – Hawaii Community College, 2024, Wild Crafting Certification – Earth Medicine Institute, 2015


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