Homemade Honey Ginger Butter

Homemade Honey Ginger Butter

Homemade Butter with the zip of fresh ginger and a kiss of honey

Is there anything that I love more than butter?? Off hand I really cannot think of anything…

Get your mixers out and let’s get back to basics. We are making our own butter!! I received an adorable butter keeper that I was inspired to put to good use. What could do it better justice than a recipe designed in its honor? I spent several days puzzling on the subject. I wanted something with unique flavors, I wanted to use locally-sourced ingredients, I wanted to create something that would be good on sourdough bread. Then it came to me, Ginger! Yeah for Ginger!!

Because I live in Hawai’i fresh, locally-sourced ginger is plentiful. Ginger is hardy plant and grows well in many climates. There is a good chance you can source fresh ginger locally in your area. If you are unable to find fresh ginger at your supermarket, check your local CSAs or Asian food markets or consider growing it yourself!

For this recipe I am using my favorite local honey, Big Island Bees, that just happens to have a fabulous label by my design hero, Louise Fili

You will need heavy whipping cream and I, of course, prefer organic. Most major grocery stores carry a wide selection of organic products so it is easier than ever to make the investment in better quality ingredients. I am using Horizon Organic for mine, which I picked up at my local Safeway. Horizon Organic uses milk from pasture raised cow, no hormones and no antibiotics. Because it is organic, there are also no pesticides in the feed. Their heavy cream does contain gellan gum, which might be an issue for those with gut sensitivity.

Let it Churn!

Making butter really could not be simpler, as long as you have your trusty Kitchenaid mixer at your side. My tangerine dream was a gift from my sister and has been my kitchen companion for nearly 20 years. If you do not yet have a Kitchenaid mixer, it is time you get to work on one of the most meaningful relationships you will ever have.

Step 1 – Beat It

Butter does best when your implements are cold. To give yourself a boost, toss your mixer bowl and a metal spoon in the freezer for a few minutes while you are getting ready. Pour your pint of heavy whipping cream into your mixing bowl. Using your whisk attachment, beat on low until the cream begins to thicken. When it is creating soft peaks you have whipped cream. At this point you can speed up the mixer and keep going. The cream will eventually separate, the fats will turn gain a curd-like texture and collect in the beater and the buttermilk will separate out as a thinner liquid. Turn the mixer down so it doesn’t splash everywhere and keep mixing until it has separated and completely collected into the whisk attachment. This whole process will take maybe 5-10 minutes.

Step 2 – Drain It

Grab a little jar and a strainer and drain off the buttermilk. I would encourage you to save this to use in another recipe. It is like an extra, free ingredient.

Step 3 – Rinse It

Use a rubber spatula to extract the butter collected in the whisk and put back into the mixer bowl. Take the bowl to the sink and run the water until it is as cold as it will go. You will take your cold spoon from the freezer and press the butter with the back of the spoon while rinsing it with COLD water. This process helps get the pockets of buttermilk out of the butter and helps to compact it. Continue working the butter until the water runs clear and you have a smooth texture to your butter.

Step 4 – Glam it up!

You now have amazing, handmade butter! Congratulations! Who knew it was so simple? Now we get to have some fun with it. For this recipe we will be adding honey and grated ginger. Pour in the honey first and work it through the butter until well combined. I add a bit of Sea salt. Feel free to add to taste. Using a fine grater, grate your fresh ginger into the butter. Start with 1 tablespoon, then test for preference. I really wanted the ginger flavor to come through once it was spread, so I went up to 2 tablespoons, which was perfect. When spread on sourdough bread the zingy flavor still came through, but was not overpowering.

Storage: The fresh ginger in the recipe means it needs to be refrigerated and it will not keep indefinitely. Feel free to freeze this to extend the life for months.

Note: Ginger and honey both have a moisture content that will continue to collect. This is normal, just drain off any liquid that you notice collecting.

A Sweet and Zingy Butter

I love the idea of getting back to basics with this recipe and making something for ourselves that we have become accustomed to buying at the store. With the right tools, making your own delicious butter is really so simple. Dressing this up with fun flavors makes it extra special and there is a sense of pride that can only come from doing it yourself.

Let me know how you liked this recipe!


Homemade Honey Ginger Butter

Delicious homemade honey butter using a mixer with fresh ginger root
Prep Time 20 minutes
Course Condiment
Cuisine American


  • Mixer, stand or hand


  • 1 pint Organic Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2 Tbsp Honey preferably raw, local
  • 1 to 2 Tbsp Ginger fresh, grated
  • pinch Sea salt ground


  • In a chilled bowl using the whisk attachment, whip 1 pint of heavy whipping cream until cream separates. This will take about 5-10 minutes. Pass the whipped cream phase of stiff peaks until the fat separates and sticks to the beater. The liquid formed is fresh buttermilk.
  • Pour off Buttermilk and store to use for something else amazing later. (I like to use mine for Homemade Ranch Dressing!)
  • Use a rubber spoon to remove the collected butter from the whisk attachment. With COLD running water, rinse the remaining thickened cream of the buttermilk. Press with spoon and continue to rinse until all buttermilk residue is removed
  • Add honey, ginger and to the butter and combine using a cold spoon, pressing out and pouring off excess liquid as you combine.
  • Move to a butter crock or jar. Store in the refrigerator for about one week. It can also be stored for months in the freezer.


The amount of ginger is a matter of personal preference. I prefer a strong ginger flavor, which helps it stand out when it is spread. Feel free to adjust the recipe to your personal taste.
Ginger root contains moisture, as does honey. There will be a fair amount of liquid to pour off as you combine the ingredients. 
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