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You do not have to be a Vegan to care about how animals are treated in the food industrial complex. We have all seen the videos of how animals are all too often tortured and abused. We shake our collective heads in outrage, but have no idea what we can do to fix the situation. Many vegetarians and vegans choose to go animal-free to avoid supporting products that exploit and mistreat animals. Short of going animal-free, there is an option of choosing to buy products from manufacturers who choose not to mistreat and abuse.

Humane Farm Animal Care inspects and certifies processors and manufacturers who are committed to human treatment of animals in our food system. This organization has comprehensive standards for laying hens which include standards on beak trimming, no use of cages, specifications for nesting boxes, and much larger than required standards for space for free range chickens.

Short of raising your own laying hens, choosing producers who have elected to adhere to humane treatment is a good solution. The more we support humane suppliers the more demand we create for humane treatment in the system. Speak with your pocket book and this model will become more widely used. We consumers stand together and demonstrate that animal cruelty is not marketable and this is a good step in that direction.



Check here to see if your organic eggs are humane certified


I researched some of the various organizations out there provided elective certifications and I was most impressed with the standards of Certified Humane. As a side note, I had a question about a product that is available in my area which was not listed on their Certified list. On the off chance, I emailed them to inquire about this product. I was delighted to receive a prompt reply with updated information about the product letting me know that they had just completed their certification process. I was delighted with the news that I could continue buying the product and even more delighted with the great service I received. So a special thanks to Adele Douglass at Humane Farm Animal Care!

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