News: Coronavirus Pandemic Inspires Home Gardening

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News: Coronavirus Pandemic Inspires Home Gardening

It is always good to look for the positive in every situation. One of the really great things about America’s “Time Out” is that people are able to finally pull their heads out of their crazy busy lives, take a breath and look around. There is nothing quite like a little perspective and some time to smell the roses to reflect on what things really matter. I love to see that lockdowns across the country are giving people the opportunity and motivation to return to traditional skills, including gardening!

With the garden department sold out in my area I recently turned to Amazon for some gardening supplies, only to find out that they were almost sold out of greenhouses and compost bins. I added a couple of items to my cart only to find those sold out the very next day. I was barely able to purchase potting soil as there were only a couple of bags left at my garden center. What’s a girl to do when the whole world is gardening? I guess I will just have to smile.

The Village Daily Sun reported on the phenomenon that is happening nationwide, including in Chicago, where the local news station reported garden centers were selling out of product. Likewise in California where The Daily Republic reports, “At least one local plant nursery – Morningsun Herb Farm – has seen business that has been “through the roof,” according to several employees.”

Thomas reports that Victory gardens are making a comeback, speculating that:

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked widespread panic surrounding food shortages, which initially contributed to panic-buying and stockpiling. If people can self-produce food supplies, this could alleviate strain on struggling supply chains.

Yahoo is reporting spending trends surging in the DIY and gardening sector:

Data provider S3 Partners had anticipated a decline in spending on furniture and home improvement with household finances being hit hard by economic challenges posed by the pandemic. However, things have panned out in a different way. A huge number of Americans in lockdown have been spending lavishly on upgrading their living spaces, which has helped Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and homeware or home furnishing companies to flourish.

According to Reuters:

U.S. seed company W. Atlee Burpee & Co sold more seed than any time in its 144-year history in March as the contagious respiratory virus spread

This is a trend that I think we can all understand. As we spend unprecedented amounts of time at home and with food security issues having been thrust in front of us, for possibly the first time, it is completely reasonable that we would see people return to the garden for sustainability, security and for beautification of our environments and enjoyments. Those of us who have put of gardening projects now find ourselves with the time and inclination to do something constructive and feel some control in our lives and environment that have seen so fully out of our control.

My real hope is that this dunk in cold water will help lead to lasting lifestyle change and a give a positive result from a negative situation.

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