Purple Potato Sprouting

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Purple Potato Sprouting

I am so proud of my little sprouts I just had to share a growth photo!

I have been working on plans to do a couple potato bins with one of my favorite staple foods, the Purple Sweet Potato. This mineral packed cousin to the morning glory is not actually a potato at all and with that comes a much lower starch content.

The Purple Sweet Potato is loaded with minerals and antioxidants and is the foundation of many of my meals. With a milder flavor than a typical sweet potato, the Purple Sweet Potato is really flexible in its application. Fabulous as hash browns or country potatoes at breakfast, mashed or as french fries, or as an ingredient in stews and curries, its uses are only limited by your imagination.

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My frequent us and difficulty finding organically grown options at local markets have prompted me to grow my own. I sourced a few fresh organic potatoes, stuck them in a jar of water and look what has happened! Adorably potato runs are sprouting. Once these get about 12″ long I will sprout the runs until they each root, then plant in bins for home cultivation.

In case you are not familiar with the Purple Sweet potato, check out my other posts: Purple Sweet Potato – Powerful Cancer Fighter and my recipes Purple Potato Curry Samosas and Purple Potato Chips. Naturally, more recipes to come!

Stay tuned for updates on the Potatoes and bin production. Hopefully these guys will be ready to plant in just a couple weeks!!




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